Camp Davis Stone & Grass Policies


1. Deliveries: 

A. **All deliveries, we must have the homeowners name and address to complete the order.

B. Delivery Fees covers 30 minutes from the time we arrive. Any additional time will be charged at $10.00 for every 15 minutes thereafter.

C. Only curbside delivery is guaranteed, unless special instructions have been made ahead of time and depends on size of truck, weather and lot conditions.

2. Estimating Rock or Grass: 

A. Estimates for amount of rock or sod needed can be provided upon request. They are only estimates and Camp Davis Stone will not be liable for any reason based on such estimates. You should have your builder, mason, or landscaper; provide you with an accurate count.

3. Loading Vehicles or Trailers:

A. Camp Davis Stone is not responsible for any damages to vehicles or trailers when loading or  unloading.

B. We will load your purchases, but you must know the limitations of your equipment, such as the axle rating and tire capacity. We will gladly weigh and tell you the weight of your purchases!

4. Returned Checks:

A. All returned check will be subject to a $25.00 surcharge. 

B. Retuned checks must be made good with cash or a money order.

C. All returned checks must be made good within 5 business days, or will be turned over to the District Attorney’s Office for collection.

5. Return of Product:

Camp Davis Stone will make every effort to pick up excess stone not used on your project in a timely manner. Only pallets of rock that have not been opened and are in the original selling condition are eligible for return. The length of time taken to complete a pick-up depends on deliveries back into that area, truck size, weather and lot conditions. Restrictions on pick-ups are:

A. There are no returns on Grass.

B. Only pallets that have not been opened will be picked up for credit. Open pallets will not be picked-up for credit.

C. There will be a Pick-Up Fee which will be the amount of the original delivery fee.

D. There is a 20% restocking fee for all pick-ups.

E. If these conditions are not met and the truck is not able to pick up the stone after you have requested us to, there will be a $60.00 charge.

F. There will be no pick-ups after 60 days.

G. Store refunds for stone picked up are issued as a store credit to your account after the stone has been received and weighed. It takes approximately 1-2 weeks after the pick up to receive the store credit on your account. 

6. Sales Tax Exemption or Resale:

A. A copy of your sales tax exemption form and/or resale certificate form must be on file in order not to be charged sales tax.

7. Over Due Accounts:

A. All past due invoices shall bear interest from the date the indebtedness was first incurred at the rate of six percent (6%) per month of the unpaid balances. In addition, if the indebtedness is laced in the hands of attorney or agency for collection, the debtor and his guarantors, their successors and assigns, if any, shall be liable for any and all reasonable attorney's fees and court or collecting costs incurred in the collection of said indebtedness.

B. If Account becomes 45 days past due from the date of invoice. The Account will be put on a temporary hold until the Account is brought current.

C. If accounts become 60 days past from the date of the invoice a lien will be filled against the property in which goods where installed by either the homeowner or company in which goods where purchased.  There will be a $50.00 administrative charge for each lien.

8. Homeowner/Property Owner Information:

A. All merchandise that is charged on an account with Camp Davis Stone LLC, whether we deliver or you pick up the merchandise, we must have homeowners/property owner’s name, address and telephone number. 

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